Tips for New Site

About Logins:

1.) We copied user accounts but not passwords. Use your email to send a password reset to get into your account.  All your orders should be there, if not let us know.

2.) You only need a single login now, the forums, while still a work in progress, are now integrated and use the same login as the web-store.
About Discount codes:

1.)  Discount codes can now be tied directly to sale items or to users accounts.  You should not need to enter a code for the 1K club or other standing discounts.  They are automatically applied at checkout if the criteria are met.

2.) The application of discounts occurs on the checkout page so it is a bit later in the process, so please don’t expect it on the product list page as it was on previous site.
3.)  Again, if for any reason they do not work please let us know.
About the forums:

1.)   You no longer log into the forum, the site login covers both the stores and the forum.  If you did not have a site login previously, please let me know and we will update appropriately as all accounts are now tied to the store accounts from the old site.

2.) Forum updates are still a work in progress, while all posts should be there from the old forum, some additional work on layout and account consolidation is ongoing.  It will get taken care of, we are working on store items first, then forums so these remain an ongoing effort.

As with any transition, the new site will take a little getting used to,  We think you will find that the new features more than make up for any learning curve you may experience.      Technical questions can be addressed directly to Will.