QuickLoad Data

Quickload is commercial software that helps many reloaders with finding appropriate loads.   It can be used to determine what good starting loads are for less common cartridges,  proper starting charges of pistol powders in rifle cartridges,  how pressures will change with differences in seating depth and so on.   If you haven’t seen quickload, we recommend you download the free trial here.

For those of you that use Quickload, you know that having accurate bullet data is a requirement for getting good results.  NOE is proud to be the only mould manufacturer to have our complete catalog available as a .bul file for import into Quickload.    As always, since we cannot control individual firearms, or variations in them, we cannot be responsible for issues arising from the use of this data.  If in doubt, please measure, and weigh your individual projectiles before relying on the data provided.


NOE BUL File Last Updated 1/2020


Instructions for installing:

Uunzip the downloaded file to the quickload\data\bullets folder.  The path should be c:\users\public\public Documents\quickload\data\bullets\  (windows 8.1 or 10)

Older versions of windows may store Quickload’s files in other locations.   To determine where the NOE.bul file needs to be placed on older versions of windows, search your hard drive for qloadfw.bul and place NOE.bul in the same folder.