Group Buy Rules


Group Buys generally start in the “Group Buy Discussion” section of the forums.
New buys are posted to see what level of interest is present and to get an idea in
numbers of moulds wanted. This is also the time that any design changes are
be discussed and made.

Buys with sufficient interest are then moved to the Active Group Buy Section of the forum
and the buys are added to the site in the group-buy category. The Order page on the site will
show the details about the buy including start and close dates, minimum orders required,
and the finalized drawings for the mould.

When you place an order, you will be billed for that mould. Due to the large number
of drop-outs from previous buys, we are changing this to determine committed buyers
and remove the tire-kickers from the equation. At the close date, we will either
announce the close of the buy and the expected run date and shipping date, or we will
announce the failure of the buy to generate the minimum number of orders and refunds
will be issued to those in the buy. All refunds should be dispersed within 10 business
days after the close of an unsuccessful buy. At the time the buy closes, the forum will
also be updated and the thread moved to “Closed Group Buys”.

For successful buys, Tooling generally takes a week to 10 days to prepare and then moulds
can be cut and prepared for delivery. Expect production times of 5 to 6 weeks from close
of buy to ship date.

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